The Tipping Point Review

If you really want a book that provides you with a different perspective on life, then “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell is the book you need to immediately get right now. Go run to the nearest book store and pick it up right now. Ever since reading this book, I truly do just think about a lot of different things. My mind is constantly racing and thinking of different things that this book mentioned.

I believe it is most important to mention the Three Rules of Epidemics, ultimately what this entire book is based around. The first one that he brings up is the The Law of the Few. What you need to know about The Law of the Few is pretty simple. According to Gladwell, if you are working in a group setting, you are bound to see that eighty percent of the work will be done by twenty percent of the participants. When I was reading this in the book, I started to think back to all of my group projects throughout my high school and college career. I can not tell you how many times I ended up doing a bulk of the work for a presentation we had for whichever class. There would be five people in my group, which would end up being about two slides per person. You would think that is nothing. You are wrong. I would end up doing six slides, while two other people would do their slides. That just proves The Law of the Few. Under the Law of the Few, Gladwell also talks about three different types of people that you will come across such as connectors, mavens, and salesmen. Connectors are people that are essentially a network hub. They are your friends that know everyone on campus. They are the people that when you go out, everyone knows who they are and tries to talk to them. They are very important if you are trying to span to different parts of a social network. Then you have mavens who are people that provide us with new information. They are able to obtain knowledge and are responsible for sharing it with others. Finally, you have your persuaders who he refers to as salesmen. Of course to be a salesman, you have to have great negotiating skills. These people have a certain characteristic of making others agree with them. All of this was an extremely vital portion to the book.

The next rule of epidemics was known as The Stickiness Factor. When you think of this rule, I want you to think of Sesame Street as well as Blue’s Clues. Do not lie to me. We all know that everyone watched these shows at some point or another. There is no shame in that. These shows are great representations of the rule because they show the idea of retaining educational content. Yet these shows do it in an entertaining manner.

Finally, you have the Power of Context. A word that perfectly describes this section of the book would be conformity. The entire idea behind this is that human behavior is influenced by its environment. The area in which you grow up or the people that you are hanging around strongly influence your type of behavior. Sometimes that may be a good thing, while other times it may be a bad thing. It truly just depends.

Overall, this book is a must read. It really makes you think about your lifestyle and certain moments you have had up until this point.

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