My Friends

I truly believe you are only great as the people you surround yourself around. With that being said, let me be the first to introduce some of my friends who I know are going to make it big in the real world:

Lucas Dolengowski – I actually met Lucas around my sophomore year when I started working at the ESPN 95.3 station on the campus of the University of Florida. I always looked up to him during my time at the station as he was a senior leader. Now he on the path to great success working for the UAA as a social media intern.

Lauren Bromfield – Throughout my time at the University of Florida, I have been on the same track as Lauren. We both started out as freshman wanting to become the next ESPN sideline reporters. Although we are on different career tracks now, I still always greatly respected what Lauren did in the field. Check her blog out!

Kelly Grosfield – It is crazy to think that just a year ago, Kelly and myself were partners in one of the most vital classes for our major. I always thought Kelly was extremely talented for her age. She was always driven and wanted to produce the best product she possibly could. I truly have not worked with someone who works as hard as her. I can guarantee you that one day, you are going to see Kelly reporting live from a big network.



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