Me, Myself, and I

Hey! What’s going on? Throughout this whole blog, I have not really taken the time to tell you about me. So allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Christian Endrigian. I grew up in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylavania, which is just right outside of Philadelphia. I attended a private catholic high school which helped me get into a school of my dreams at the University of Florida. I originally came here aspiring to be a reporter on ESPN, just like the other millions of kids out there. I quickly realized that this profession and major was not something I truly wanted. I changed my focus to a more of a sports management role even though I continued on with my major.


My experiences in this field have been with Gator Basketball as a video intern, which is a position I still currently hold. I also am a Florida Gator Football Ambassador. In that role, I serve on the executive committee as the official visit coordinator. That means I help host student athletes that are being recruited for football. I help coordinate the events that they attend during their unofficial and official visits. Finally, in the past summer, I landed an internship with the New York Knicks as a basketball operations intern.

Click Here if you want to check out more of my resume. If you are really interested in my past career, also check out this YouTube link.

Finally, if you step away from my career, I love to travel and see different parts of the world as well as the country. It truly is one of my hobbies to travel the world and meet different people. As you can tell from my blog post, The Johnston Sisters.

Other than traveling and sports, I am a pretty simple guy. I could sit here and try and make up hobbies, but that just would not be true.

Simple living is the best living.


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