The Future

Keeping with the theme of Philadelphia sports, a new icon is about to emerge within the coming years. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Carson Wentz 2nd overall in this past NFL draft. Since drafting him, the Eagles have experienced a lot of success that was not really expected for this year. They have started 4-2 after just beating the Minnesota Vikings, who were previously undefeated.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not seen much success in the past couple of years, but times look to be changing. If you have not got a chance to see his highlight tape from college, here it is, Carson Wentz Highlights. He obviously was a great college quarterback, but I do not think many people saw this coming. He is starting to take the city of Philadelphia by storm as well as the rest of the NFL. The question is, can he go down as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to play the game?

Some say that it is way too early to tell what he can be for the city of Philadelphia, but to be honest I think he is off to a great start so far. With that being said, the Eagles are proving that they are more than just Wentz as explained by Bleacher Report.

Being home just had my mind racing. Sports have had such a big impact on my life but in my 21 years of living, I have only seen one championship here in Philadelphia. It is time for me to see someone bring this city back to its glory days.


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