“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug

Even in my short existence of life, I have seen first hand the progression of how business’s are advertising their product or service. The use of web, social media, etc. has become a necessity in today’s world to compete for business. The internet has become a daily culture for a majority of people in this world because when someone needs something, the first thing they are doing is going to their computer to find out where they can get whatever they need. Usually people will then look their website to determine which company has the best product. Therefore, the overall message of this entire spiel is to make a website that the viewer can easy navigate through, while being the most informed.

“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug is about the importance of making a website properly. Making a website is not simply about how much information you can put on one page or how colorful you can make it look. Krug says you do not want a website that makes the viewer think more than they have to. If they have to think about what they are doing, then it is making their life much harder than it has to be. That would mean that the website is not designed as efficient as it could be. I thought Krug had a great understanding of how a website works and he really understood how people’s minds work when operating through a website.

Another point that stood out to me is the fact that people do not read an entire website or even an entire web page. They will see one thing that catches their eye, click on it, and then proceed along. That is why you have to make your website easy to navigate because people could get lost very quickly if they keep clicking on many different links. He claims that you want people to be aimlessly clicking through your site, but have a sense of direction so that they do not get lost once they start doing that. Navigation is a key element to have an efficient website.

Krug other major point in website creation is the use of words. What you can say in 10 words, you should really be saying in 5. His idea is to keep your thoughts and just phrases brief. You can always cut down on what you are doing. He also claims that you should stay away from instructions, as he deems them useless. It is way better to make things self evident for the viewer because again, that makes it easier on the brain.

Krug really shows his readers the perfect way to make a website. I really enjoyed this book because although it is almost a business book, it really does not have that feel. He is a very interactive writer with an extremely creative mind for business. Most businesses are on the web in this day in age, so this book is an extremely vital tool if you were looking to start a business. The presence of the web has changed our society to an extreme amount. It will continue to constantly change as well. That is why it is important to listen to experts on how to manage that change and create websites that will benefit your consumers as well as yourself.

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