Love is in the Air

I have not been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime, and I mean I guess this time was really no different. I technically was not in the wedding, but after I took this picture, the newly married couple actually talked to me on the way to their car. It was simply just a cool experience to be apart of. They got married right in between those pillars.

Some people might not think this is a huge deal, but I find these experiences to be very valuable. Not everyone wants to get married in a traditional way. These people simply just loved each other and did not feel the need to have a fancy wedding. The only thing that mattered to them was that they were together sharing this moment.

The fact that I have experienced weddings in different countries is extremely interesting to me. I did not even get the name of this couple, but the fact that they took time out of their walk to say a couple words to me is extremely interesting. I can now say that I have seen/been apart of weddings in America, St. Lucia, Italy, and now France.

Who knows where this couple is right now? They definitely do not remember me, but they will always be apart of my journey through Europe.


A happily married couple in Avignon, France.

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