Control your Own Happiness

Let me take you to Avignon, France for a bit. I was extremely excited when I found out we were going to parts of France during my trip. My entire life I have been a huge basketball fan, which may seem unrelated to this blog, but I promise you it is not. One of my favorite players to ever play the game of basketball is Tony Parker, hailing from France. He always had such a calming personality to him. His demeanor never changed, but when it was game time, he was ready to roll. Obviously, he is not the only reason I wanted to explore France, but I wanted to see if more people were like him.

This led me to Camilla. A woman who doesn’t have a lot of money, living on the streets of Avignon; however, what she does have is a full heart. A heart filled with love and happiness. She is perfectly content with her life which consists of playing her eight year old guitar and singing songs she learned from her mother. All day, and I mean all day, she does that. She even told me it is not about the money. It is simply because she enjoys singing and playing her music. It allows her to not think of the bad times she is going through in her life. It is all about being happy and being content.

Camilla told me that if I were to ever come back to come visit her. She said she would be in the same exact spot, playing the same guitar, singing the same songs. I promised her, one day, I will be back, but I hope to find her not playing music in the streets, rather performing in restaurants in the area.


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