Experience the World and the People In It.

This is the post excerpt.

This past summer, I had the privilege of traveling across the world for the second time in my life. This go around, I experienced Spain, France, and Amsterdam all with extremely close friends of mine.  The summer going into my junior year, I spent six weeks in Italy and Greece with about forty other kids from around my area. Both times abroad were different and unique in their own way. Of course, each city, adventure, and opportunity provided me with a different outlook on life. Not much is the same when you are traveling abroad, which is what I love. Every second of every day, you are seeing how other people live on the other side of the world. You are seeing how the rest of the world interacts on a daily basis. Nothing is the same, but there is one common standard that I have realized through my trips, which brings me to this blog.

In your lifetime, you meet, interact, walk past, or even just simply see millions and millions of people. Living in the United States has certainly showed me different ways of life. Everyone has their own interests, their own unique look, and their own personality. The same goes for the rest of the world. Meeting people and seeing what they are about has become a huge interest of mine ever since traveling. I tried to take advantage of meeting as many people as possible while abroad to learn more about the people that make up our beautiful earth.

Welcome! Welcome to the World. I hope this blog gives you inspiration to truly see how great and blessed we are to be surrounded by different personalities, looks, and emotions, because each person on this earth brings something positive and unique, we just have to go searching for it.

IMG_2629 (1).jpg

Rio Onyar, a river in Girona.

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